Sunday, January 27, 2008

So now onward to next goal.

So had a lovely road trip yesterday with Susan after we turned in our silk challenges. Sadly only 5 entries were turned in yesterday and then we heard 3 people dropped out. (We think?) What was Sooooo neat was seeing that the 5 that were turned in were all very different from each other. I saw some techniques that are definitely kewl but new to me, of course since I am such a newbie most everything is new to me? Wish I could post the other quilts but have heard they will be posted at a later date on Artful Quilter's website. For the time being I'm going to post some photo's of mine but sadly the digital photo's do not pick up the crystals in the trees or much of the quilts detail. Once again I have to say I enjoyed this experience so might have to try another challenge in the future.
Right now I've got to get off this computer and try to get some quilting done today. I have a t-shirt quilt to complete for JB and Claire as a wedding shower gift.
;-))) hint: A great product to use when using t-shirts "French Fuse".
Have a great Sunday!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Guess who's gone GREEN ;-)

So dropped by my favorite local quilting store (Warrenton VA) after work to see her new addition! What fun I've been a newbie to quilting and Kelly Ann's WAS a newbie store.....Guess my visit showed me I might have to stop saying I am a newbie to quilting cause WOW Kelly Ann's Quilting Store is no longer a newbie but a successful and expanding business ;-) Congrats out to Kelly Ann! AND guess what? She's gone green!!! See my cute little bag that I now have and will use each time I visit for more stash........Seems I am now one of the gang.....I sadly have a true quilters stash growing more by the moment! I also cheated a little today....shared my silk challenge piece with Kelly Ann since she's been around since the start of my journey. Of course besides my bag notice a few other goodies I could not resist!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Snow day 2 !

Sooooooooooooo it's snow day 2! and I have my silk challenge piece completed.
Sadly I can't post a photo of it till it's been turned in next week (it's supposed to be a secret I think?) but I can say I am happy with the quilt and have enjoyed the experience. For me to say "I like" something I have completed or produced is a huge step in itself ;-))))
So now my goal #1 is completed and onward to goal #2 ;-))))) Will share with you what the new goal is when I have completed that journey.
Anyway I am taking advantage of the time off work to get some necessary paperwork completed. I had no choice but to put the thoughts of my students clay projects out of my mind till next Tues. What will be will have to be, luckily they are wrapped in plastic so maybe we'll be lucky?
Well off to create! May the sun shine brightly for us all.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Snow day! ;-)

Well it's a snow day! I love VA snow days cause let's see first we hear about snow coming for a day or two and then many times the storm or snow never comes. Or like today school gets canceled before a flake has fallen! I mean for we never saw a flake till 10:00am but by the pictures you can see SNOW has arrived. (It's 12:52pm.) It is always a pretty snow in VA compared to the snow days I knew in MI. My sadness is I needed school today because 3 of my classes are working on clay and their projects are going great but we need the class time to complete them in time and the projects will sadly probably dry out by the time we get back to school so we might lose the projects. ;-( So cross your fingers that we have school tomorrow cause next Monday is already an off day due to holiday.
We are at the end of semester so it's crunch time for my students.
Oh well can't sit around and worry about it!
I GET TO QUILT!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

So sorry....

Wow I cannot phantom I have not posted since the first? I have been trying to get back to feeling healthy after the holiday flu, back to work so had to get some traveling art projects matted. (Check out my school website under the traveling art show link in the galleries) AND I'm immersed in the approaching deadline of my first art quilt challenge competition. I am loving the learning experience so no complaints here..but much to do!
Anyway deadline is two weeks from today. Of course I have hit snags......suddenly my sewing machine has developed tension problems and of course I also found the invisible thread I had been using successfully in my mind Sadly must NOT have been since I found some hidden where it should not have been (around a gear in my machine) Well anyone maybe you are getting some of my drift...
I've included a sneak peek since remember I think this is meant to be secret till we turn it Have been having fun with paint and first time free motion quilting! I am such a newbie ;-) I have so many questions, sure wish I knew whose brain I could quiz!
Anyway I am enjoying my journey...may it never end!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

I'm back........

Wow what a holiday!! We headed up north to MI and we actually had a wonderful day to drive, good weather and sailed through. We got to MI on Saturday Dec 22 and my kids came in from Denver and Hoboken. All was great till the next day. First my older sister came down with the flu and next my son. I came down with the flu on Christmas day and since we had a house full of company expected I spent most of the day in my room sleeping the day away. Even with the flu though the holiday was grand. My grandson is such a perfect little miracle and it was wonderful to just get to see him for a whole week!!!! Quite the charmer.
But back to now......we're back in VA and sadly I start back to school tomorrow much tooooo soon! The SUN is shining and all is well in VA and it is so nice to be back to sun.....MI Christmas was a white Christmas but then the rest of the week was dark and dreary so it's nice to be back to sun and clear blue skies! Now to spend the rest of my day sewing....I've got to get my silk challenge going since it is due in a couple weeks. Deadlines approaching fast!
Which reminds me........the baby quilt was a big hit in MI and appreciated!