Thursday, January 17, 2008

Snow day! ;-)

Well it's a snow day! I love VA snow days cause let's see first we hear about snow coming for a day or two and then many times the storm or snow never comes. Or like today school gets canceled before a flake has fallen! I mean for we never saw a flake till 10:00am but by the pictures you can see SNOW has arrived. (It's 12:52pm.) It is always a pretty snow in VA compared to the snow days I knew in MI. My sadness is I needed school today because 3 of my classes are working on clay and their projects are going great but we need the class time to complete them in time and the projects will sadly probably dry out by the time we get back to school so we might lose the projects. ;-( So cross your fingers that we have school tomorrow cause next Monday is already an off day due to holiday.
We are at the end of semester so it's crunch time for my students.
Oh well can't sit around and worry about it!
I GET TO QUILT!!!!!!!!!

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