Saturday, January 12, 2008

So sorry....

Wow I cannot phantom I have not posted since the first? I have been trying to get back to feeling healthy after the holiday flu, back to work so had to get some traveling art projects matted. (Check out my school website under the traveling art show link in the galleries) AND I'm immersed in the approaching deadline of my first art quilt challenge competition. I am loving the learning experience so no complaints here..but much to do!
Anyway deadline is two weeks from today. Of course I have hit snags......suddenly my sewing machine has developed tension problems and of course I also found the invisible thread I had been using successfully in my mind Sadly must NOT have been since I found some hidden where it should not have been (around a gear in my machine) Well anyone maybe you are getting some of my drift...
I've included a sneak peek since remember I think this is meant to be secret till we turn it Have been having fun with paint and first time free motion quilting! I am such a newbie ;-) I have so many questions, sure wish I knew whose brain I could quiz!
Anyway I am enjoying my journey...may it never end!

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