Tuesday, January 1, 2008

I'm back........

Wow what a holiday!! We headed up north to MI and we actually had a wonderful day to drive, good weather and sailed through. We got to MI on Saturday Dec 22 and my kids came in from Denver and Hoboken. All was great till the next day. First my older sister came down with the flu and next my son. I came down with the flu on Christmas day and since we had a house full of company expected I spent most of the day in my room sleeping the day away. Even with the flu though the holiday was grand. My grandson is such a perfect little miracle and it was wonderful to just get to see him for a whole week!!!! Quite the charmer.
But back to now......we're back in VA and sadly I start back to school tomorrow much tooooo soon! The SUN is shining and all is well in VA and it is so nice to be back to sun.....MI Christmas was a white Christmas but then the rest of the week was dark and dreary so it's nice to be back to sun and clear blue skies! Now to spend the rest of my day sewing....I've got to get my silk challenge going since it is due in a couple weeks. Deadlines approaching fast!
Which reminds me........the baby quilt was a big hit in MI and appreciated!

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