Monday, August 15, 2011


There is so much I have meant to be sharing YET I seem to have lost the flare or organization skills I used to have when it comes to posting to my blog! I honestly want to and NEED to get back on track...
But for now I'd like to share about the most fabulous day EVER that my children and hubby recently gave me! July 29th was my birthday and this year was one of those years some refer to as a milestone year or is that a milestone number ;-) lol  To help me try to let the number to sink in a little and help me celebrate in a BIG WAY my kids and hubby got together and threw me an amazing wonderful birthday party! Now seeing how the hubby and I live in VA,  one of my children lives in Cranford NJ and another lives in West Chester PA we all ended up on the road to MI the same day/evening lol good ole Ohio turnpike so we could all gather to celebrate with our friends and family in the area I raised my children; Clinton Township, MI. I knew they were giving me a party but that was it! I was not allowed any details so one might be able to imagine my fears since I do have a wild imagination and add to that my older son had been teasing me unmercifully about their plans to "finally get me" We all know paybacks can be Well the party was beyond my wildest dreams a WONDERFUL many important friends of mine came and family to help me ring in the big birthday. ;-) It was AMAZING!
My daughter created the most exceptional book, such an amazing gift from my hubby and many memories and she did not miss a thing, my life so far...She must have worked hours and hours on it. Such a treasured present.
Cover of my book

one the pages about my younger years
page about my daughter Keli

one of the pages about the children and I "our family"

Final dedication page
 In lieu of gifts the invitations asked guests to bring a yard of quilting fabric for me, the fabric was to be chosen because it reminded or made the guest think of me.
One friend chose a fabric w/birds and butterflies because of my love for them, she included a matching box for me to pack my fabric in to carry back to VA.

Possibly you noticed the pointillism painting fabric refers to my art background,the dark blue in the middle of photo has silver metallic dots that signified stars to represent the many students and people I have touched during my life ;-0 (teary eyes) and dark blue MICHIGAN skies

A beautiful basket full of batiks from my sister-in-law,sadly she missed party,was out of town

just look at my stash
All these beautiful browns from Heather's mom, I know exactly what I will make with these!
Tomorrow I will try to share more......until..... ;-)