Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Wondering how many others might be struggling with their blogs?

Technology has changed so much since I was young. I can remember when I was still teaching how we would joke that our students would have no idea what a typewriter was, an eight track tape or players, black and white TV's etc. etc. etc.
Along with the equipment changes of course came computer programs and then apps came along to complete the computer coding for us. You would think that life would be so easy...... haha.
I can remember creating stacks of lessons on Hyper Studio (another thing of the past teachers used to use)
To make a long story a little shorter, I realize how many changes technology has made in peoples lives. I love technology yet have been finding that if I use all that is available to me I have no time to create or just try to live in the moment.
I am at a turning point: After having a blog for 8 years now I am struggling about whether to try to get my old posting habits back or to just cut it loose.

Hmmmmmmm well it's time for me to get to my monthly Quilting bee, then off to see some of the grandchildren. Once again I am putting my blog on the back burner...... So I bid farewell for now? or?

Have a special day everyone, I intend to!