Wednesday, October 2, 2013

So many choices now to find the time

The Keystone quilters (my local quilt guild) had a guest speaker come in and not only present a great presentation but also a workshop using her technique to make scrappy quilts with very little fabric waste. Her technique entails sewing strips of fabric to create a new fabric from which you could then cut out a template to use to create your quilts. For my template I discovered one of my mom' sold quilting rulers ( a 60 degree ruler) worked perfectly.
I also have been trying to stick by my resolution to use my present stash for my new creations so for this creation I grabbed the many brown fat quarters I was gifted at my 60th birthday party a couple summers ago. As you will probably be able to see from the photos the technique gives one many possibilities MAYBE too many lol.
This is as many triangles as I managed to complete yesterday and sadly this will have to take a back burner for proabably a month while the hubby and I go to help get some painting done at one of the kids home then there is the guilds big quilt show next week (which of course we members put on so lots of work to be done) and then more painting to be done but in FL.
hope to try to get back to blogging more yet betting I will not be quilting much for almost a month :-( will have to find some thing art wise to fill my soul during the sabatical.
So good and hope you are enjoying a great fall.