Friday, June 14, 2013

A very special quilt made just for hugs

So I am unsure how many of you will recall this photo of my mother taken last August 2012 while she was visiting me in PA. My mother had not sewn or quilted for quite a few years so during the month with me she decided she wanted to try again and she completed a few quilt tops, which I promised her I would quilt for her.
I set my mom up in my family room with her own little Elna she had given me 
Mom was very proud of her first completed quilt top and went on to sew a few more.
After we lost my mom last December I made it my goal to complete her quilt tops and I mentioned something about this one to one of my sisters. In 2005 we lost my nephew Chris to suicide. Something the whole family feels forever..But my sister (his mother) had mentioned having a few of his t-shirts that she treasured and wondered if maybe I could create something out of them sometime.
My sister Gina was the daughter that lived in MI year round the last 10 years so much of my parent's care fell on her shoulder's so I wanted to make her something to thank her and to let her know I appreciated all the care she gave my parent's when we other's were not in MI.
It was difficult to cut into those treasure shirts but somehow I managed and I hope I managed to create a special quilt for her, one I think my mother would have loved and I hope my sister Gina will find comforting in the future whenever she might need a hug or two from our Angels above.
Mom's side of the quilt

Chris's side of quilt

Sister holding her new quilt, son's t-shirts.

Quilt top mom made.
Hope you like it Sis...