Friday, January 18, 2008

Snow day 2 !

Sooooooooooooo it's snow day 2! and I have my silk challenge piece completed.
Sadly I can't post a photo of it till it's been turned in next week (it's supposed to be a secret I think?) but I can say I am happy with the quilt and have enjoyed the experience. For me to say "I like" something I have completed or produced is a huge step in itself ;-))))
So now my goal #1 is completed and onward to goal #2 ;-))))) Will share with you what the new goal is when I have completed that journey.
Anyway I am taking advantage of the time off work to get some necessary paperwork completed. I had no choice but to put the thoughts of my students clay projects out of my mind till next Tues. What will be will have to be, luckily they are wrapped in plastic so maybe we'll be lucky?
Well off to create! May the sun shine brightly for us all.

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