Saturday, January 26, 2008

Guess who's gone GREEN ;-)

So dropped by my favorite local quilting store (Warrenton VA) after work to see her new addition! What fun I've been a newbie to quilting and Kelly Ann's WAS a newbie store.....Guess my visit showed me I might have to stop saying I am a newbie to quilting cause WOW Kelly Ann's Quilting Store is no longer a newbie but a successful and expanding business ;-) Congrats out to Kelly Ann! AND guess what? She's gone green!!! See my cute little bag that I now have and will use each time I visit for more stash........Seems I am now one of the gang.....I sadly have a true quilters stash growing more by the moment! I also cheated a little today....shared my silk challenge piece with Kelly Ann since she's been around since the start of my journey. Of course besides my bag notice a few other goodies I could not resist!

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