Sunday, January 27, 2008

So now onward to next goal.

So had a lovely road trip yesterday with Susan after we turned in our silk challenges. Sadly only 5 entries were turned in yesterday and then we heard 3 people dropped out. (We think?) What was Sooooo neat was seeing that the 5 that were turned in were all very different from each other. I saw some techniques that are definitely kewl but new to me, of course since I am such a newbie most everything is new to me? Wish I could post the other quilts but have heard they will be posted at a later date on Artful Quilter's website. For the time being I'm going to post some photo's of mine but sadly the digital photo's do not pick up the crystals in the trees or much of the quilts detail. Once again I have to say I enjoyed this experience so might have to try another challenge in the future.
Right now I've got to get off this computer and try to get some quilting done today. I have a t-shirt quilt to complete for JB and Claire as a wedding shower gift.
;-))) hint: A great product to use when using t-shirts "French Fuse".
Have a great Sunday!

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