Monday, September 26, 2011

Finally feeling a little caught up

 Last I posted I know I must have been lamenting (*wailinglamentationmoan,moaningweepingcryingsobsobbing, complaint) ;-)) I was probably in the deep throes (*agonies) of trying to acclimate to my new MacBook Pro.  After about 10 years of using PC's (due to the day job) the switch turned out to NOT be as easy as most people felt it would be for me.  So many changes for this ole brain ;-) lol 

But enough about my new MAC.... here's a few other projects I finally have been working on...
Finally tried floating a couple quilt tops  on my mid-arm.
Now they just have to have binding put on. ;-)

Found some old projects to finish up.
And today I finally began a project I've had planned in thought for quite some time.
Can happily report I still  remember how to cut glass.

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