Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Grouted the colored glass farm window frame

Tonight I managed to put the large metal hangers on the window frame and then grouted the project.
I am so happy with the end results. It is a special feeling when an idea turns out exactly how imagined.
Can't say that always happens ;-)) yet never stops me from trying… lol
Anyway now I just have to wait for the grout to dry, guessing since the grout was to be a medium to dark gray the grout will darken as it dries? This was the first time I used this colored grout, purchased from Lowes. It was great to work with so I am assuming it will look great when it has dried.
Anyway here are photos I took of the window after I applied the grout.

Grout is supposedly medium to dark gray?
Waiting for the grout to dry then will do final washing of glass.
Notice the two large metal screws for hanging.
Now to wait for the grout to cure… And yes I still plan to give it away as a gift.


☞Kathy Shumate ☜ said...

What a great window !! This project has my name all over it. I love the small window surface, easier to get finished. You didn't mention it, but I assume it is double sided. I think I will try a smaller one for the first time project. Thanks for sharing !

☞Kathy Shumate ☜ said...

Teddi, I LOVE the window! Great project, I may try a smaller one for the first time.