Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Time to begin the process of packing…eeekkkk!

So this week our landlord is sending a realtor/agent to take photos of the (our) home so they can get it advertised and hopefully for them rented or leased out as quickly as we leave. ;-)
Sadly for us that meant we'd better take a break from trying to pack and concentrating on our new home and try to make sure the place is presentable.
So here are some photos to show you some of the stuff in my studio I need to begin packing. ha-ha..YES I KNOW there is a lot of stuff! Sadly art teachers have a habit of collecting items they KNOW can be made into art ;-) then add to the art teacher tag- quilter (quilt artist) and you KNOW I have stuff.
Have you ever met a quilter that did not have a LOT of fabric? ;-)
Well anyway here are some before and after photos in preparation for the Realtors visit today.
Before (notice walls)
Bare walls
After (bare walls)
OK OK… TRY to think of it as a start! ;-) 
 Now back to some real packing…. see you soon...

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