Thursday, March 1, 2012

This post is for my Mom(folks) I dedicate to them.

Seems my Mom has not been receiving my emails..(how do you spell frustration?) but I KNOW she can view my blog…So I want to share with my folks (the hubby and my) happy news, I'm writing a special blog post specially for my family.  Our happy news is:  We have bought a house!
My husband and I have been trying to find "Our home" for about 3 years now…during this time we have actually had contracts on a home in the Chesapeake area (which sadly property lines were not disclosed truthfully so we dropped our offer) then we looked in the Pocono Lake area of PA and discovered or learned about "Radon Numbers" very important stuff in certain areas of the country. ;-0  This past November we had a contract on a home we loved in Harleysville, PA but sadly when the appraisal did not come back as hoped, (try $20,000. lower then expected) the seller decided to not sell at the banks suggested value. I share this info with you to try to let you know that our home search has been a long process so it is now with much JOY my husband and I happily are sharing WE Bought our home! We wanted to share first with my folks but due to my mom's email troubles we're just putting it out on my blog. ;-))) It's funny if you would have asked me 8 years ago if I would ever imagined me living in Quakertown, PA well actually it is Richlandtown Township PA, I'm sure I would have answered no. lol So I am now posting photos specially for my Folks but hope my family and friends will share in Bill's and my happiness. FINALLY here is our soon to be residence.
our new home

back patio


Hubby gets to do the yard work NOT me! I intend to be in my studio.

This will be Bill's office

Great room

Kitchen eating area

View of great room from eating area

Another view of Bill's office

Stairwell to second floor- office to the right, dining room to the left

Dining room

looking down from second floor stair well


Dining room before

Office before

Great room before

Kitchen before

Great room before

Dining room before

This will be my new studio, cannot wait!
We will be permanent residents of PA by the end of April 2012, even though we did recieve possession of the home yesterday ;-) The sellers were wonderful, we felt guilty feeling happy because a job transfer was the reason they must move and it was evident from the start they loved this home and took great care of it and as you can tell from some of the photos they left it sparkling clean for us.  Our VA lease goes to end of April and we have some work we want to do such as painting, french doors for office entry….
What we feel great about in sharing our news is this time it is a done deal!
We did it ! We finally found and bought "OUR" home! 

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Benedicte said...

Congratulations! Beautiful house! I am glad you have a studio waiting for you. May you be happily ever after in it!