Monday, April 2, 2012

Another trip "up" to the soon to be new residence

So hubby and I had another busy weekend entailing a quick drive up to Quakertown to take more stuff and do some work on our soon to be residence. These quick weekend trips up and back are getting old… The nice thing is this weekend we came back with the feeling we accomplished something. ;-)))
We headed "up north" as my hubby has been calling the new home to take a lite load of stuff in the car, first dropping by the daughter's home to swap our car for their truck ;-) then onward to Quakertown to try to finalize paint choices so the contractor can have the painters begin while they are waiting on the french doors for the office entrance to arrive. 
The home had a room just off the front hall that is to become hubby's office. Presently the entrance to that room is a tall/wide framed open doorway, we intend to have it turned into a french door entrance w/transom window above. Hubby's rug selection arrived and we like it. ;-) Another good thing… ;-)
We bought this from online sale, they first sent a brown one by mistake,
which was actually quite nice, but we really like the blue one even more.

As you can possibly see from the box of way too many samples ;-) I've struggled  over choosing  paint colors.
Sadly some of the struggles come due to my eye sight, with my lack of depth perception color samples are very flat
to me not at all as the color looks once on a wall….then add the sun light, dark of night, etc. etc.

Should have seen me try to explain to my husband to try to think about how one will enter the home
and be able to see 4 different wall colors and how I hoped they would feel a flow….lol.
Then I told him to join me on the steps and see how one would be able to see 3 different wall colors from there.
YUP He said.."I'm LOST!!!!! Have no idea what you are talking
The hardest room color for me to choose was the Great room.
The great room has a high ceiling with a very high stone fireplace, neither of which I ever imagined.
I wish I could get the color we chose to photograph correctly but my camera just will not seem to allow for that,
this photo is close though, on the mantle is a couch cushion and the brown of our present lazy boys.
Yup I tried to get the hubby to look and see how many different colors of wall would be seen…lol
Oh and master bedroom will be Ice Mist, a calming green.
Kitchen is going to be warm caramel and eating area is whispering wheat
(as long as I don't change my mind)
Again from the eating area you see 3 different wall colors ;-)
During my struggle with paint colors I talked hubby into him and I trying to paint
the laundry room before our appliances arrive April 10.
 Also was great reminder WHY it was important to hire painters for all those other rooms.
We did it! Laundry room is painted and I have list of paint colors for the contractor.
We're back in VA looking forward to a future call possibly letting us know "our soon to arrive grandson" is on his way….. this week or next...
Life is good!

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