Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Solo truck ride up north today….

After an hour or two of loading up the truck with hubby this morning I went to my Myo-fascia release gal for help…[Whoops...Need/want to clarify this was an appointment already set up, she always has to help me, it was not due to our packing the truck ;-)]  Thank goodness she worked MAGIC for me as usual…
Then lol I promptly got in the truck and drove a solo trip to the new house, basically undid all her hard work probably…. YET could not have done what I managed today without her help. ;-) Thank you Liz!
So here is peek into my day...
Nice looking truck huh? Gotta love my Son-in-law Heart for allowing us the loan of his truck.
Loaded to the hilt with odds and ends..supposedly light enough for me to unload..lol, yeah sure.
Whoops one minor disaster, notice the tarp's lacy look? Wind somehow  shredded it a little.
Hopefully a new tarp and treating to Easter Sunday brunch will help Nate forgive us?

Inside seemed to have more then the flat bed did.

Ok here I go…time to unload.

Thankful for my little step ladder and MY dolly versus my hubby's heavy duty one.

So this was the only heavy item and I just happen to have a little work table that I pushed near the truck bed and now it's ready for hubby to work on this and get it put together ;-))
Now before any of my buddies begin to get on me for doing too much, I only unloaded the flat bed tonight and tomorrow will tackle the inners of the truck, see slowly unpacking AND being very proactive to not hurt myself!
Presently I am sitting in a Star Bucks in our new town (so I could post on the blog, ;-) Now heading back to the new home to sit quietly, relax and early to bed for me, Remember NO TV,NO phone NO Internet lol lol so not much choice to do otherwise..(except begin unpacking? NOT!!!
Sweet dreams and hugs to all! 

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