Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I've got to focus!

So I finished unloading the rest of the load then drove into town with the intention of having breakfast somewhere, stopping and grabbing a couple more paint samples then staying at the house and painting a large chest we presently have in the little garage that is extremely heavy so hubby wants me to get it painted before the real movers come in hopes we can have them carry the chest to our second floor.
Well sounded like a great plan…lol just one problem. It is a beautiful day and when I  headed into town there were just so many places to explore…

One being Ollie's outlet….lol lol geeesh I spent at least an hour or more looking around the store did not cover half of it before I realized I NEED to get back to the house and get painting!
Let me say if one has grandchildren Ollie's could be a dangerous store so many great books and toys, but that is not all they carry….it looked like if you name it they have it!
So have had my Internet fix and now it is back to the house where there is no TV, no Internet and no phone! You know what? It's actually quite nice and a peaceful enjoyment. Now off to use some of my Annie Sloan paint!

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