Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Annie Sloan Paint Time

So I had this large chest I shagged from my daughter a year or more ago that I always figured I would redo someday for our home on the Chesapeake {The thought was that we would need it as extra storage or even as a mini closet in one of the rooms since most of the homes we viewed for sale in the Chesapeake area had few closets and even less storage.} Well fast forward and for those of you who know me you already know the home we ended up finding and buying is not in the Chesapeake area it is in Quakertown PA. It also has plenty of storage. ;-)
I still intend to use the piece in one of our guest rooms though so now that Annie Sloan Chalk Paint has hit the US in full force I figured this piece of furniture would be a great piece to try out the paint on.
So the first steps were….. tada…just begin painting…no sanding, no prepping just paint away!
So the cabinet was kind of dirty having been in storage a long time, actually a little disgusting.
I forgot to take a photo before I removed the drawers but you get the drift ;-)
First coat of Annie Sloan paint color "Old Ochre"

Drawers painted
Outside all painted, ready to have wax applied.
You can see why this piece would be so heavy! An old well built piece of furniture.
Hubby wanted me to try to get the piece painted before we have movers bring our furniture from VA to new home in PA.

Inside of cabinet back together, outside all waxed.
The piece turned out great, too bad my photograph didn't. doesn't do it justice.
This is great paint to use.  Now the movers can be the ones to have to carry it to our second floor.


janet said...

OMGosh...that is exactly the type of piece I am looking for!!!!! I Love It!!! Old Ochre never looked so good...well done.

I'm jealous!

janet xox
The Empty Nest

Brooke Hug Photography said...

i love that!!!