Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Road trip part 2- MI Bridal shower

After having a great time at my grand-daughter Charlotte's 3rd birthday I hopped on a plane from Newark,NJ to DTW (Detroit MI) To attend a nephew's wedding shower.
The nephew and his fiance are big believers or supporters of Detroit so the theme of the shower was all about MI, things made in MI and the Detroit Tigers.
They gave me full reign when it came to designing a quilt for their shower gift which made this quilt so much fun to create. Definitely a "one of a kind quilt"for a "one of a kind couple". The quilt also just happened to go along with our shower theme too. Made for another fabulous road trip.
Cake at wedding shower
Table decorations at shower were Detroit theme!
Invitations looked like Tiger baseball game tickets
Back of quilt was Detroit Tiger fleece fabric
Two color columns that blended into fabulous design. 
Happy Bride and Groom to be opening their quilt.
Can't wait for the June wedding!

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