Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What a week so far…

Once again I find myself packing…this time we head to northern MI for a quick visit with hubby’s side of family, a quick day trip to Saugatuck, MI and then onward to Harbor Springs to celebrate another wedding. ;-) and get to see my grand-daughter Charlotte and her parents.  One great thing is Northern Mi is quite beautiful and from what we’re hearing the weather might even be a little cool?  So my art work will be put on the side burner again….I still have hopes of dyeing some 20 yards of fabric before the warm weather leaves VA. Thankfully Sept usually brings us some warm temps still so I am crossing my fingers to dye in warmth versus cold. We did manage to get the hand me down computer cabinet up to my loft area,  but the rest of the de-junking and movement of book shelves and placement of design boards will have to wait.

I managed to sew together one of the designs I put on my design boards before I headed to MI mid-August . I did complete it  without over-analyzing which was my goal?  I have to keep reminding myself this is a learning process, go with the flow… It was amazing how much easier I found it to sew/piece then while under the deadline pressure during my two week classes at QBL.  I enjoyed the process, it’s becoming so much easier… the piece is 31 x 38 inches.  I’ve added it to my “to quilt” pile ;-) lol  Then I have the “cut up and redo” black and white piece still waiting for me to complete as soon as we return from 0ur MI retreat.

P1040617 P1040623

So everyone have a nice labor day weekend… a sign of yet another summer season passed…. “Oh and know anyone interested in an Oak desk set-up? “ I need to get it set up (has two other pieces, a hutch and corner)  photographed and on Craig's list…..lol oh well……when we return….


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Karoda said...

Teddi, you travel at the speed of light doncha?! Would love to have just a smidget of your energy!

I'm digging both quilt tops! Enjoy your weekend and trip!