Saturday, August 28, 2010

Once again I’ve been lax in posting…yup been busy! ;-)

So as mentioned I took a quick trip up north to visit with my folks and to attend a wedding celebration. Sadly while IP1040552 was in flight to Detroit my mom was being transported to the hospital,  we later learned she had pneumonia. This part of trip made me feel bad since mom had booked her schedule with a week full of lunch dates, MGM gambling ;-) lol and  other outings since I would be around keeping my dad company……well sometimes the universe has other plans in store….lol  So she spent Sunday to Weds in the hospital while dad and I hung out together at the senior apartments.  I have to admit  living in the senior apartments all week gave me many thoughts RE: Bill and my future. ;-)  We also went through a tornado storm drill, and sadly thanks to the bad storm I lost a few more trees at my MI residence, yet all the family were  thankfully safe.


So Friday my hubby Bill flew in to join me for the wedding Saturday but SURPRISE on Friday evening we were treated to a lovely surprise dinner at the DAC .  Most will recognize DAC as the ‘Detroit Athletic Club’  the dinner was a belated birthday celebration for me, our hosts were my son Brian and his wife Heather.  It was quite a treat for me since I do not think I have been to the DAC  in some 20 years.  The club building is such an architectural delight and they have quite an art collection so it was a perfect surprise. ;-)  Wish I could have snuck photos but my son would have killed me!!  Cell phones are  not allowed so that made it difficult to sneak photos ;-)  Bill and I had a lovely weekend before we headed back home to VA  Monday.  We actually got to spend some quality time with my son and wife…. ;-) during our weekend since Heather (our 3rd year resident) had the weekend off.  The Bride and Groom of the wedding we attended were MI States grads so their Spartan showed up to celebrate;  here is my husband and Heather’s dad (UofM grads) giving him a hard time. ;-) we had a great time at the beautiful wedding, ( great date nights for us oldies. ;-) lol.

P1040588 P1040589

So Bill and I have been home in Va this week,  I’m retired and enjoying the fact that I AM NOT starting back to the classroom this week for the new year as some of my buddies.  My husband though has been very busy at work.   I have P1040598tried to regroup at home this week and refocus on the quilt designs I had on my various design boards waiting to be pieced together.  I also am re-doing my loft area and studio slowly but surely. P1040600  I have a nice hand me down from my daughter, a  smaller computer cabinet,  so we intend to remove my oak desk set up and consolidate my computer area so when we eventually move to our next home I’ll be ready. ;-) It’s extremely hard for a 35 year art teacher to throw away or de-junk art supplies!  “One never knows when one might use them in one’s creative endeavors?” ;-)  In the coming weeks I intend to sort through my many boxes and books and try to donate some to  high school art teacher buds or Craig’s list,? EBay? or ? so here I go… Wish me luck…

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