Monday, September 20, 2010


So I finally got some dyeing completed...I can't tell you it was done with a solid plan, meaning NO I did not have a preselected pallet of colors I wanted to create.  I just wanted to finally get a chance to do some dyeing so it was very hit and miss...
I am pleased with a couple of the fabrics one being the dark gray piece that had some shibori stitches I sewed in fabric before the dyeing process.
So for process sake here are some photos that hopefully show you my steps and what it produced.
It can be time consuming to add the stitches yet after seeing the results I've decided to possibly do some more stitch sewing on the PFD fabric I have left before my next dye session.
begin the process by sewing rows of stitches
pull the threads tight as you can  then dye the fabric
After the fabric is dyed you remove your stitches carefully -  

This will be small/ est. 12x12 inches
Today I got reacquainted with my sewing machine and design board... I had a little design piece I had not completed during my two weeks
W/ Nancy Crow this summer that I am still determined to complete.
Here is the first step of my process...laying out my pieces on the design board and step two will be to sew the many many pieces together.
If you can recall this was part 2 of our second design assignment week two. Stay tuned for it will be completed......Sadly though tomorrow I have another injection in my back from my orthopedic doc for pain management so I might be offline and out of my studio for a couple days.... Enjoy!

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Sherri Lynn said...

My first ever quilt making workshop was with Nancy Crow. She's a task master but it's worth the work. Looking good so far Teddi!