Tuesday, September 21, 2010

hmmm didn't I set one of my goals to NOT

Over-analyze? Yet is it over analyzing if we feel we just might not have our best design possible?
So today I was low key due to having a facet injection in the morning, had resolved myself to just have a take it easy day ;-) ...but the little green and blue design I have on my design board was calling to me.....
So I have come up with two possible ways to construct the piece...at least so far...lol  Reminder:  Assignment was to create a small busy piece using the same fabrics of the 4ft x 4ft design. We were to use only two fabrics for the designs.  This assignment was given during my week two of classes under Nancy Crow / QBTL 2010.  Care to give input or opinions?  So now what do I do? ;-)))

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Emma said...

I like the design on the left best - I think it looks busier, perhaps because of the smaller pieces?