Wednesday, September 22, 2010

So I intend to back track a little ;-)

So yesterday while laying low after a facet injection I started sitting and thinking a little too much! lol Try to remember I had set a goal to NOT over analyze my designs or creations; YET  I found myself sitting there saying to myself  hmmm "what if? OR I could add this or take this away?" thus yesterday's post.  Funny but after looking at my Tues. posting (and the photos I included in the post)  I've decided to just stick with my original design for the quilt assignment.
So now that I made this decision, "I HOPE to stick with the resolution to NOT over analyze what I design in my future!  After all isn't this supposed to be spontaneous and fun?  ;-) lol
I spent the afternoon at our neighborhood pool rehabbing, turned out I was a little sore yet have high hopes RE: my latest facet injection. and tonight I intend to get re-acquainted with my sewing machine. I need to try to get the last two designs pieced together. Tata for now......

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