Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Focus???? what's that?

Lately I am finally feeling like we've been home ;-) which has been helpful YET I still feel so behind?
I have so many projects I WANT to do and so little time? My focus has been off? For example: I want to do a stain glass mosaic, actually two ;-) and did find a stain glass store in Springfield nearby to buy some nice colored glass to add  to my old collection. My problem is I have other projects I feel I need to get to first? See this pile of fabric? I had gathered this selection the other day to create my grand-daughter's owed wall quilt? Focused?
Ha! it may look that way but NOT!
So the next photo is the newest focus for the piece.
[My daughter had expressed an interest in a painted and quilted piece versus just a fabric quilt?
Similar to one of my older wall quilt's technique.]

Okay so I decided to run with the suggestion and began working up a partial painting and some painted canvas to create something for Brynn's room. Oh yeah, a castle was also requested.

But still as far as MY focus? Hmmmmmmmm  let's see? I have sadly about 5 projects pulling me every which way which is definitely causing a kink!

Notice the boxes in the far left corner?
They are calling to me to finish packing them up for the local high school art teachers.

Believe it or not,
 I DID have this area cleaned up last week and now hmmmm let's see?
 I have at least 4 other projects now set up down here, calling out to me, so how's that for FOCUS??
Okay so maybe by now you're getting my drift? I need help ! Soooo many ideas going on at once!
MAYBE Time to possibly get back to making a daily list and sticking to it?

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