Thursday, September 30, 2010


A FB buddy posted this comment today: "Discipline is making the choice between what you want now and what you want most" Author Unknown...
This got me thinking? I've been lamenting that my focus as of late felt off since I could not stick to just one project. So Question? Do you feel that discipline? or focus? plays a larger part in the scheme of staying on task or feeling productive?  Last Spring I had developed a decent pattern or schedule of working in my studio on my art quilting or other art. I also felt more focused in one medium. Lately I've been pulled in so many directions I started feeling that I was drifting from my focus of being productive in my quilt art. 
I have many different art interests pulling me in different directions right now but when I read my buddy's post today along with something another good friend of mine shared with me about not putting so many deadlines on myself, I suddenly felt like a light bulb went off. ;-)) RELIEF!
So I am regrouping...I've decided I will not feel guilty for having so many diverse projects that I want to complete right now. Don't mistake my post to mean I am putting my quilting away? On the contrary I intend to continue towards gaining discipline in all my matter what the medium is for the time being..."Art makes me fulfilled so it is definitely something I will continue to participate in"...
EZprint screens
Presently I am attempting to rearrange my upstairs studio and get my unfinished projects under control. Of course while cleaning I get distracted at such as yesterday when I discovered some old EZprint and decided I would use it before it goes bad. ;-) Can't wait to try these screens out on some of my hand dyed fabric. I bet they will add some interest to a few pieces I was not completely thrilled with.
The printing process will have to wait till a few of my other UFO's have been completed.
Next up on my list is a project I have in mind with colored glass ;-) I worked this morning in my basement workroom to try to get it back under control. Notice how I've got my glass organized and waiting patiently? I'll give my good buddy Patti 'a hint' as promised.....think colored glass and an old wood window with the glass panes intact. ;-)  I am looking forward to this project as soon as the upstairs studio is clean and reorganized. 
Remember I'm working towards discipline ;-)))lol
batik waiting to have wax ironed off

Okay, so when one starts cleaning and reorganizing you might discovered treasures you've forgotten about? Such as these pieces of batik that I need to iron the wax off of so I can see the beautiful crackled designs that true batik creates and then decide where I might put the pieces to use.

To regroup or summarize what I've learned? "It is okay to have many ideas pulling me this way or that as long as I strive towards my discipline."
In fact I will try to no longer lament about my lack of focus while I flutter here or there...instead I will appreciate that I have many questions of "what if?" or "wow I wonder?"  and just RUN WITH IT!

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Karoda said...

Teddi, this reaffirms what I believe about "life as process" and not a static way of existing. I keep trying to work out ways to attend to explorations while simutaneously building on previously developed interests...I get a schedule going and it works for awhile but our mission just doesn't exist in a vaccum and life changes for various reasons and our processes need to adapt, change, or reel back...but it is always about "processing".