Monday, October 4, 2010

Just a quick post.

Anyone interested in books about various art mediums?
So as you might have guessed I am still at it!....I have been very busy purging AND along the way I'm trying to re-organize my working areas. Yes sadly it is taking me longer then I would hope, but thankfully it is feeling good to finally have the opportunity and I am actually centering on the trying to DE-junk part of the process. I'm assuming we all can relate to how difficult it is to let go of things? Add to that 35 years of teaching Rrt grades k-12, which usually came along with very low budgets  which helps a teacher get into the habit of saving, collecting, etc. As I used to tell my student's parents, "Remember one mans junk could be some one elses treasure". ;-)
Yep I can also hear some of you asking; but didn't she retire over a year ago? Why didn't I purge then?  To be honest, I have been blessed with so many opportunities this past year that I have not really had time to focus on the effort to purge! (Actually I did do some major purging as I packed up and cleaned my final school art room.)....oh and add possibly that my attention span can be a little ADHD. ;-))))  I  like to flutter here and there in my art. For example last year I did some sewing of utilitarian quilt items; such as Christmas stockings, banners, then I created 160 wedding invitations for a special bride we know, I created a few baby quilts w/coordinating chairs,a long with my wall ART quilt pieces to give you a few examples.
OH well back to the topic at hand!  I AM PLUGGING AWAY!  I do see the end of the tunnel ;-) and hope to stay on task to meet my goal. ;-)  Enjoy your week....

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Sherri Lynn said...

Hi Teddi, Focusing is hard for me too. Especially when I'm trying to keep up with a blog too. Thanks for posting my mod-mood quilt button. Whenever you start your mod-mood quilt send me a link to your first process post on it.