Thursday, September 16, 2010

I've been purging!

So if one recalls I retired a little over a year ago (June 09). After being an art teacher for some 30+ odd years...I tried during those first few months to purge of my teaching supplies. I tried to pass some of my beloved hints, lesson plans and supplies to buddies or my young teacher friends. But if you dwell in Art one knows it is VERY hard to let go of items you just KNOW can be turned into something fabulous? Also the price of art supplies...??? Well you hopefully get my drift!  SO I just completed another purge now that I've had a full school calendar year come and go and another has begun. Sadly I still do not seem to be able to handle just ONE focus!  I love my quilting YET? have decided I cannot part with my antler basketry nor my painting supplies. In fact one goal this fall is to paint on site the beautiful colors of VA during the fall. NOW on with my post....Once I finally completed my week of working in our basement purging  I celebrated success by a day of fabric dyeing and a few quick cyanotypes which used up my last prepared pieces of blue prints on fabric.
I decided to use my old dyes from teaching days
What a beautiful day it here's a few photos of my day ;-)
Borrowing the MAN CAVE!
Who can complain about this set up?

It's a great day to be outside


how the 4 blue prints came out.. just have to dry

Washed and ironed dyed fabric
So now onto day two of fabric I will use my newer dyes.....

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