Monday, February 22, 2010

It has been so long…wonder why?

So once again I find myself marveling that I let my blog posting waiver? In my daily thoughts  I’ve imagined what I’d post each day yet just have not found the time to sit at a computer to get the words typed and posted.

I’m trying hard to remember the last stuff I shared…I might have to pull up my blog to remind me! lol  lol  Now that’s bad!  Oh well….

Once again though I retired June “09”  I have NOT slowed down and feel soooooo busy that most days I wonder how in the world I used to find the time to hold down a full time teaching position ;-0 lol….

I took Jan 2010 off from any travel….”flittering around here and there” so I could focus on my rehab in the neighborhood indoor lap pool along with a PT.     I managed to do  36 out of 40 days in the pool and though I questioned whether it was helping me I luckily have discovered that YES it did actually make my back muscles stronger and along with my last epidural nerve block I’m doing much better.  I did manage to complete two of my “practice quilts” recently meaning 2 quickly designed quilt tops that I could then machine quilt on my HQ16 since I’m still learning….two more as my son JB put’s it “glow in the dark quilts” ;-) I DO love color! One was for my mom…notice her sleeping comfy under hers…



Bill and I got to catch a train up to Ct. and spent a lovely Valentines weekend with JB, Claire and future grandbaby belly ;-) as guests of Wendy and Ian (Claire’s folks)

Now I’m in Hawaii ;-) Bill (hubby) has business away from VA for a couple weeks and lucky me….he prefers I come along…at least for the Hawaii part…lol so in trying to pack I finally packed something art wise I could comfortably work on “in-flight”…not sure if I blogged about a class last fall I took on the HQ16 that entailed using muslin and variegated thread. It was called an Garden Angel..freehand drawn using the HQ16. After the quilt drawing is completed the next step for this technique was to add color using colored pencils then paint over it with fabric medium. Well I never found the time to color my design since that takes time precious time I felt I’ve wanted to use for sewing instead. lol….but as in-flight entertainment my project worked great! Here’s a peek so far…so maybe I’ll finish it while I’m in Hawaii or on the long flights home! ;-)

.P1010340 P1010341