Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I'm sitting here with my daddy ;-)

So I'm in MI! ;-) I left this morning from Dulles International Airport, DC or actually VA and of course "Murphy's Law"....
I was dropped off at the airport early this morning with plenty of time and....yup you probably guessed it by now....what did I see on the flight board? Detroit- Flight delayed!
In the end I lucked out! The flight ended up only delayed about an hour...and not canceled like the later flight to Detroit. ;-)))
Next fun I had was the rental car... I got a brand new mini van as my midsize "priceline" car, I mean heck having 3 kids of my own I have had my fair share of mini vans... my problem was......the new Dodge vans have the gear shift on the dashboard now...which was cool..lol ...but nothing to let me know what was D,N,R...so there I was sitting in the parking lot stumped...luckily I was not alone in my confusion. Once explained everything was great!
So next.....I drove straight to a fab bagel place near my folks place in hopes of getting some of their wonderful muffins as a surprise!Okay you maybe guessed? They were completely sold out and it was only 1:00pm. Another problem?.... I quickly jumped out of the car and did not notice the van key as I left the van. Well...how many of you have noticed the NEW DESIGNED keys? lol lol I got my food order, went back to the car and could not figure out how to get the key to start the van since it was way to thin for the key hole in the dash board??? Again I don't feel too bad since I asked another patron in the bagel shop for help ( A male ;-)))) and he couldn't figure it out either lol lol lol..........The van key is not metal...it is more of hmmmmm don't have a word to describe it but take my word for it...it's a shape you stick in and use to start the car.....
Oh well everything in the end turned out great! I am in Detroit, I have a nice rental and I am having a nice visit with my folks!!
My hubby says he's going to miss me this week but I know he'll be fine and the quilt top loaded on my HQ will just have to wait till next week, this week I'm going to enjoy visiting my folks!
These last photos are the new tram-way or shuttle at Dulles ....quite nice!

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