Sunday, January 24, 2010

January 2010 had a mission….

I started off the new year feeling very behind…it had been a very blessed yet busy June –Dec 2009 so now January was to be a time to relax and concentrate on completing rehab for my spine and arthritis. I promised my doc to take the month off from travel, airplanes, and cars as much as possible and to finally complete the dreaded exercises they had recommended to strengthen my back, therefore hopefully cutting down my constant discomfort. It has been a time to learn to adapt and try to become buddies with my arthritis. Well the month is winding down and I am proud to say I have only missed my pool time twice thus far and one of those times the pool was closed. ;-) My PT Christine has given me many hints and I can feel improvement. Wish I could say all pain has miraculously disappeared, but sadly arthritis is what it is and most people over 50 have this ailment in common. ;-0P1010226

I finally completed my mom’s lap quilt, (the one I had hoped to give her for Christmas ;-) lol.)  I am happy to report it’s the 3rd quilt I have completed “start to finish” using my HQ16 to quilt it. I look forward to completing many more quilts whether functional, art quilts or whatever ;-) with my HQ16. What fun!

This weekend my hubby and I took a run over to Ikea ;-) What a great store! I was looking for some inexpensive storage to help organize my quilting area and wow look at this great AS IS bargain I got? $9.99 ;-) I specially loved that all of the instructions were MY KIND! visual no words at all… How cute huh? P1010230 P1010232

So I’m off to the pool to complete my rehab! Hope it’s been a great weekend for all…..


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