Friday, January 10, 2014

Already failing to keep my goal.

That's it for now...So last weekend I had the fun of celebrating with ALL 3 of my children and their spouses along with my 4 grandchildren. We had a really nice time visiting, the kids played hard and loudly including my grown kids :-) almost felt like I had a house full of teens again.
Then the "cold" storm hit the country and two of my children got stuck at my house instead of being able to return to MI thanks to the cold weather, icing of jets, lack of plowed runways, water main breaks etc.
So two days late the guests were gone and it was time for me to prepare my "stuff" to attend the annual quilt guild retreat. 
I admit I have not been feeling in the zone, so much I would like to sew yet don't seem to have a clear focus?
I gathered it felt like everything along with the kitchen sink, packed the car and off I went.
I am now to day two of sewing, have not much completed project wise instead have been focusing on new sewing techniques that are supposed to speed up the sewing process of different types of piece work such as 4 patch squares, how to quickly create a twin size quilt top using a layer cake, Etc. Etc.
no matter whether I am feeling in the zone or not fun is to be had by all when you gather 35 quilters together for 3.5 days to do nothing but sew.

So until next time...y'all just keep sewng.

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