Monday, January 20, 2014

Was a busy past week and weekend..lots of fun!

Not too much sewing was done since my quilt retreat sadly but lots of living life.
Let's see I finally unpacked the sewing supplies in time to pack up and head to my daughter's house for a few days of babysitting and spending some quality time with two of the grandbabies.
Of course when your grandchild announces they have out grown bath time for showers instead you begin to realize time is passing by much too quickly.

Chuck-E-Cheese outing
A little craft time

End result from our craft time.
C = Caleb or Chicago Bears, or so it was explained to me.

Brynn helping grandma create surprise for grandpa.

"Whoops a little too much sprinkles grandma" 

Grandpa's birthday cupcakes; birthday was Jan. 19.

Happy birthday to my hubby and their grandpa.

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