Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Can you say OVERKILL? lol

So as I mentioned I decided to leave "Winter Blues" on the design board and walk away for a day or two...good thing because the next morning I looked at what I had completed and thought to myself.."Oh my nothing like overkill or too much of a good thing?"
So for the time being I pulled down the excess pieces and have escaped to PA for a few days of enjoyment with two of my grand-babies...Brynn and Caleb.
I will proceed with quilting upon my return ;-)
So while mommy is away at work today Caleb and I have made banana bread so far and....
Caleb in his tent

Quiet time

yum yum lunchtime
I am getting reacquainted with Dora, Max and Erma and even quiet time ;-) and of course loads of hugs!!!
See you in a couple days...

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