Sunday, February 6, 2011

Where oh where have I been?

Oh my! I seem to be lax again with my sorry... So where have I been and what have I been up to you ask?
Let's see...I have been plugging away at the postage stamp quilt along...sadly I missed posting a completed photo before they drew names for prizes, somehow missed the due date that was posted? ;-(  that has taken the shine off trying to get it quilted w/ binding on.... but this too will be completed.
Then there are the postcards I remembered I signed up to swap...thankfully I have them completed and ready for mailing on Monday..

I also have to complete the binding on two mug rugs I signed up to swap too! Again the plan is to have them in Monday's mail too.
mug rugs

I decided to give an all blue free style quilt a shot so have been working towards that might end up a challenge's some photos of what I have so far....just in the beginning process......

The winter blues
The hubby and I also had a chance to drive to Vermont for a lovely ski weekend with my son..the first time in 20 years my hubby skied! I admit I was envious yet got to spend some quality time with my youngest grandchild so I was content.
Charlotte enjoying the cloth book grandma made her.

The boys head out...

The skiers head out for the afternoon runs.

Claire (Charlotte's mommy) and Hubby Bill
Okay so enough already, I hope you can tell I have been busy enjoying life and will forgive me for being lax with my posts....Everyone have a grand weekend and Welcome February!

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Janet Metzger, Artist said... have been a busy little quilter!

LOVE the postage stamp favorite type of quilt.

here is the address to my 'Salvation Macy's

11201 Ballsford Road

every wed everything is 25% off

Have fun and bring a truck ;-)

Janet xox