Saturday, February 12, 2011

Productive morning..but now time to go to the pool...

This morning I have been working on and auditioning a border for the "Winter Blues" quilt top...not sure you will see the differences in the two photos but look closely and you might notice a change??
Audition 1 

Audition 2

I am pleased my idea seems to be working out as planned but need a break...... good time to head to my necessary pool thing that has been proven to me during the past year is that pool therapy for me works and has become a necessity so why fight it? ;-) I am thankful for our neighborhood facility along with the fact that the pool most days is empty but for me ;-) during the times I seem to go which makes for a nice quiet relaxing workout.Weekends of course are different, might end up being some grand-kids of neighbors enjoying the pool today ;-) lol  certain hours posted for that. I intend to get this quilt top sewn together this weekend and then will start planning how I will quilt it.. I have a few ideas floating around in my thoughts right now....I am hoping to have it figured out by the time I have it on my HQ16. So off to the pool I go.......Hope you are enjoying your weekend!

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