Friday, February 1, 2013

I've been very busy trying to live life

So it seems that posting has been difficult for me the past few months I always state that I will try to be more consistent YET?
Oh well not going to fret about it, instead will take it one day at a time… ;-)
So I have been busy during my month of January. The first part of the month I attended my first quilting retreat with my new guild. Keystone Quilters of Quakertown PA. One great thing about quilters…they never act like strangers so you always feel like you have buddy.
Here are some photos of the fabulous work that took place during our 4 day retreat.
Wall of quilters projects

New buddy's wall quilt isn't this fantastic!

The 3rd quilt top I worked on during the retreat. Technique using strips.

Fellow quilter's quilt in progress.

Success lots of sewing completed in 4 days of no distractions.
I love quilters! Always a friendly face to greet you…

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