Friday, June 3, 2011

On route to family celebrations,

So we are on route to attend loads of family celebrations this coming week up north. Luckily before we left I managed to complete a quilt that was completed by my mother and Me. :-) Little did my mom know....
Over Christmas holiday this year I discovered a plastic bag in one of our MI property's closets that my sisters had put there a few years back when they moved our folks from their condo to their present senior apartment.
Well during that move there was a lot of downsizing...and well lucky for me they had no idea what to do with a bag of what they called fabric possibly for quilting. It turned out the bag had strips of piecing my mother had begun years ago...and I do mean years...what is great is the fabric is old so loads of old patterns :-) and colors. My guess was Mom was in the mist of making a ribbon style quilt with her sewing group from Punta Gorda.
I was thrilled with the discovery and decided the quilt must be completed.
Well here it is :-) I am taking it to Mi for my mom to inspect, lol lol lol but it's my treasure to keep.....

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