Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Whoa...time is flying by

Just noticed I have been amiss in my blogging...really it's been since May 8? Oh my?...I could promise as usual to try to do better....??? lol hmmmm oh well guess such is life...
The month of May has been busy but thankfully my quilting has found time to fit into the schedule. I managed to get away on a weekend quilt retreat with my old guild that helped me get started in quilting when I first moved to VA. As usual it was a wonderful weekend, productive with loads of fun and laughs. I thank them for a wonderful adventure. I have been working on two projects that unfortunately have to stay secret for a while longer...I have no idea how the fabric designers or quilt pattern makers create their lines or quilts and then have to keep them secret for months on end...this short time is killing me ;-) lol

I will show one project I am working on, it involves some free solid charms from the modern quilt guild group I've joined "it is a challenge"...so figured this was the perfect time to finally try the twister gadget ;-) what fun it is....

so here 's photo's of some stuff I'm working on that I can show you  ;-)....hope you enjoy!
Step one was to sew the charms together and add 3 inch border
Use the Plexiglas shape to cut out squares and sew into rows..it this not GREAT?

HQ16 is ready to go too, next up to be quilted is quilt top from my mom's strip piecing

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