Sunday, May 8, 2011

I am having so much fun dyeing silk...

So I have been working on a couple "top secret" quilt projects this past week along with trying to regain my energy after our very quick trip up north.  Bill and I had a wonderful celebration and trip last week but between the emergency room episode and two college ceremonies we found ourselves needing to regroup and regain my energy.....
I am glad I participated in the silk dyeing w/shibori technique online class. It was the first time I worked with silks along with the first time I was introduced to "Colorhue dyes" (quick set dyes).  I really enjoy the ease of using these dyes.  I admit they create softer shades and colors than MX fiber dyes but I enjoy the ease of working with them. It is nice to be able to swish my hands in the color mixtures without getting the norm stained nail-beds or hands from dye that can stay for days.
And finally this weekend I got to play with my art and in my studio....

beads used for pattern resist
pole wrapping and beads

removing beads

all 5 newly dyed scarves

blues and greens

browns and beige

close up

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Kristi said...

They all look beautiful! You make me want to give it a try.