Sunday, May 8, 2011

Congrats to our new 2011 Grad-Amy

Well did not mean to get's a shame I cannot magically have my posts appear via thoughts.... We've been busy and somehow I let it get me off track in my some of my art and blogging...
So I am going to make this a two post day ;-) to try to catch

First thing I'd like to share is the fun we had last weekend celebrating a family college graduation. Our niece Amy graduated from the University of MI last weekend soit was time for a quick trip up north to be part of the festivities.
Of course as I shared with my family I am feeling jinxed regarding our trips up seems lately every time I plan a visit up north I get greeted upon landing at the airport with news that one of my parents is hospital bound usually via ambulance... And YUP.... this time it was my dad.... So we flew in around noon Friday and after getting our rental car proceeded to a hospital emergency room to try to be some help to my folks. Thankfully we got to spring them, got them home and even managed to have a pleasant quick visit ;-))) it was then onto our hotel to get some rest before Saturday's morning festivities.
Our Saturday began at the U of MI stadium along with the many proud families of the class of 2011.

Amy helped us be able to locate her in the crowd by adding a little special artwork to her cap, of course "an apple" to represent the teacher certification she had just received.

The proud Aunt and Uncle and the new grad Amy

For one of Amy's gifts I took one of my husband's old U of M t-shirts and added it to a one of a kind quilt for a one of a kind graduate ;-)
notice emblem in lower right hand corner
Amy opening her quilt

The day was a grand celebration...the sun even came out for us.
A reminder to all....

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