Thursday, April 21, 2011

Last shibori class ;-(

So our class is coming to an end...I have really enjoyed working with the colorhue dyes...I enjoy the fact that as far as dyeing fabric they are a clean process ;-) and quick set so no steaming or special process to complete after adding color to the silks...One drawback is the color is not as intense or deep as other fiber active dyes.
I have enjoyed using them for this class and actually intend to continue using them in future creations.
So for this final lesson it was suggested we should try to be creative and be open to new ways to create texture or resists in our dyeing.  I happened to have sitting in my studio the sink tool that our teacher demonstrated a technique on so decided "heck why not give it a try"...

so getting ready to add more dye
clamping technique
stitching and tie resist
clamping sample, intend to over dye after adding stitching

3 different scarves, resist by stitching
(orange scarf used kitchen sink tool and stitching to create resist design and texture)
close up on the one scarf, different types of stitching, color hue  dyes
The class was GREAT! I look forward to creating more shibori....eventually with other dyes.

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deanna7trees said...

looks like you got great results.