Thursday, April 14, 2011

Lesson four was Arashi Shibori

So it might have taken me two times to get the effect correctly but here it seems to be....Arashi translates to "storm-driven rain" . Since the teacher of my online class mentioned that she has personally wrapped over 80,000 yards of strings around poles and stated that easily the first 20,000 were kinda iffy I realize it would take me forever to master the technique. I wrapped 3 scarves so far and this was the first one to give an inkling of the arashi pattern from what I have seen.
So to try to show you a little of the process:
pole wrapped silk-dyed with colorhue dyes

Arashi Shibori silk scarf
Close up
 I am really enjoying my online class, highly recommend the class to all.
Glennis Dolce - Shibori Girl Studios @

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