Saturday, March 8, 2014

Where does time go?

I realized I have not blogged for weeks. While in FL we did not have internet so that helped me neglect my blog a little, Yet....??? we all know I have been struggling with blogging during the past months.
Wondering why blogging seems to be more of a chore then it used to be? 
Well today maybe I'll do a marathon blog session lol a few too many new posts in one day? Hmmm is there such a thing?
Oh well...... we got home to PA almost a week ago and I am just now beggining to feel semi norm? 
Have to admit that choosing February to try being a snowbird turned out to be a great decision since this winter season of 2014 has proven to be a very snow heavy season for most of the USA.
When we got home last Sunday [after driving two long days in hopes of beating a storm that never came] we arrived to this welcome. :-) Sadly after a month of the snow plow running up and down our road we had a high pile of hardened snow at the entrance of our drive which of course prevented our entering.
The hubby has been working on the drive and sidewalk little by little all week.
I'm sure it might look a lot easier job then it is since the snow has been sitting there so long and is heavy and iced over.
Today I finally headed back into my studio, I am so behind in so many projects...
Here's a peek at one I'm working on...

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