Saturday, March 29, 2014

Spontaneous Roadtrip Off to hold my new grand-daughter.

 Well even the best laid plans can NOT work out :-) 
You've heard the story about the cobbler's children going without shoes?? 
I spent yesterday in the studio trying desperately to get my future grand-daughter's quilt done before her arrival next week. 
This seems to be a popular season for baby's. I have sent off two baby quilts already one was on time and one was late, then proceeded to feel I had plenty of time to finish my grand-daughter's in time AND I still have three others to complete before May 1. lol
Well you can probably guess where this post is going...YUP My grand-daughter made an early arrival last night March 28.
Welcome Adeline Louisa Henderson 
8pounds 2ounces
Daddy holding "sweet Adeline"
Big sister Charlotte holding her new baby sister Adeline 
NOW this grandma needs to arrive to hold her!
SO Spontaneous Roadtrip under way to the hospital to hold this bundle of joy.
You would be surprised how much sewing I actually got done yesterday. Photos will follow later. 
(Oh and nope her crib quilt is not quite completed but will be shortly.) 
PS: did you know that there are basically 3 sizes of baby blankets? 30 inch for swaddling, 36 inch is a receiving blanket and then there is the crib size much larger. hmmm the things you learn from google.

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