Saturday, March 8, 2014

Discovered the Treasure Coast MQG while in FL

So after the renovation work began to drive me crazy I decided to look for some fun for me while the hubby deemed to continue painting, etc. I was quite excited to discover that in Vero Beach nearby they had a MQG that was holding their first Quilt:Beach*  a stitch,learn,see,shop,meet and play day.
Lucky for me I was able to even sign up in time to be scheduled into a class or two.
After discovering the groups advertisement I noticed they had put out a call for "60" sampler challenge, submissions were to be included in a permanent installation.
Well this tweaked my interest and gave me a reason to create. Lucky me I had packed my little Janome in hopes of completing some quilting during our month in FL and up to then the only sewing I had done was on the guest room curtains.
So the following photos will show my process of creativity for a "60"s art quilt and then a peek into the Cathedral Window class I was able to attend.
Was a wonderful break from the renovation work I had had enough of. Was time to enjoy FL.
Having some fun creating
My idea of a "60" quilt
Label on back of quilt "60"
Cathedral Window workshop
Samples from class
My sample being sewn during class
my little pin cushion along with other squares to complete
The great news is I know there is an active MQ guild nearby the condo for any future visits to FL.

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