Monday, March 10, 2014

Got to see the Quilt Fest of New Jersey X Sunday

So a quilting buddy and I took a drive Sunday to attend the Quilt Fest of NJ X in Somerset NJ. Was a nice way to spend a quiet Sunday. Our MQG had an exhibit in the show, I actually was to have one of my own quilts in the exhibit but due to my month in FL I had to bow out.
But look at our fantastic banner.
Sadly my I-phone was a little blurry for a few of my photos yet hopefully you get the idea. ;)
The blocks throughout the banner were made from our various members, they did a great job of fitting them all into a wonderful banner to represent our MQG group.
There is nothing like attending a Quilt Fest Show to gather some inspiration, here's photos of some pieces I found quite intriguing.
These two quilts made me think of my folks and the many years they traveled in their Airstream.
They were created by Teresa Shippy
displayed in a special exhibition "Cool Classic Rides"

Then there was "Solar Sister Challenge Exhibit - Quilt for Change"
Discovered quite a few fabulous art quilts there...

Hoping you can read this 
Isn't this great?
The stitchery in this piece was amazing along with the message from the artist.
I have a few more photo's but unsure of the title's and artists name's so better not post.
It was an enjoyable day full of lots of inspiration. Gotta love Quilters.

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