Sunday, January 3, 2016

Cont. Part two: my strange 2015

So last year in January the hubs and I went to FL to try snow birding and to give me some time to mentally prepare for the up-coming surgery I was to have March 17, yuppers that was St.Patty's day.
We had been going to FL little by little the past two seasons and staying at the condo his parents had retired to in the 70's and it was our goal to see if he and I were interested in FL for our winters or not.
During Jan and Feb we enjoyed some sun and even got to have some fun with my daughter's family during mid-winter break meeting them at Disney and then showing them around Stuart a little.
The surgery I was having in March was to fuse two of the disks in my neck and though I had been living with constant pain for a couple years the thought of major surgery was not something anyone relishes yet I had reached the point of feeling like I was never smiling from within (if you know what I mean?)  I can report that my surgery was a complete success and I still find myself marveling at myself (such as after the very active holiday I just spent with my children and grandchildren) it is so NICE to not live in constant pain and to feel like I got a new lease on life. But knowing the surgery was going to take place along with me not being able to drive, that I would be basically homebound for minimum 6-7 weeks weighed on my mind a lot. This was the second thing that contributed to my very strange 2015.
I am happy to say though though it all I still managed to quilt over 9 quilts throughout 2015 which pleasantly surprised me when I checked back at photos for the year.

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