Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year - bring it 2016!

ended 2015 feeling like the complete year was probably one of the strangest I have honestly experienced during my lifetime. I am unsure how to totally express the feelings or my impressions of the year and why it felt so strange but I will try to give a little insight little by little in my posts this week.
Last year began with a huge loss for my family, it was difficult (still is actually) to believe what had happened and my family still feels the after effects which I am sure we sadly always will. Our year began with the passing of my sister's husband who was a wonderful man, a loving, caring, non-judging, nice to everyone he met kind of guy. He was only 58, it was sudden and unexpected. His name is Tim Tock.
During the year while my family tried to grieve and re-adjust and my sister and his daughter tried to take one day at a time our family continued to experience day to day life and blessings, new birth, other passings, joys and sorrows and many blessings. 
By Father's Day the family was delighted to find out Tim's daughter was expecting a baby, the baby was to be his first grand-child. I knew I would end 2015 by making something I hoped would show honor to my BIL Tim Tock while  celebrating the near arrival of Tim's grand-daughter. 
When we lost Tim my sister passed along to me some Tim's t-shirts to create something special for his daughter Paula. It was to difficult for me to think of cutting up Tim's shirts at that time so I put them away for a few months in hopes I would build up my courage. Finally when I knew the baby shower would soon be here I knew I had to begin. It was time to figure out a design and what to create?
Thankfully when I began quietly cutting the 24 or so t-shirts it actually became calming (just like Tim could make you feel) and the designs or my plans seemed to be heaven sent. I knew my niece was hoping for a "t-shirt quilt made of Tim's shirts as a memory for herself but as I worked I knew that there had to be two quilts one for Tim's "first grandchild" and another for the family as a whole to be able to snuggle with in remembrance. The designs are simple in fact the large one is one of my rare t-shirt quilts that actually is all t-shirt on the front and then fabric for backing. I was one t-shirt short of the 25 I needed for a complete square quilt top so I took the back of one of Tim's t-shirts and was able to transfer two photos (one is a favorite photo my husband took of Tim and Paula when we were honored to take her and Eric's wedding day photographs) have to admit that was a difficult square to quilt and see on my machine, yet my machine and hands did move steadily like Tim was directing me. 

It felt right to keep the large quilt ALL "Tim" and then baby Avery's baby quilt are pieces of the varied little logos I cut from her grandfather's shirts along with framing of multiple bright colors of fabric possible like the many colors of joy and happiness we pray she will experience in her lifetime, the backing for Avery's quilt is soft purple "minky" to go along with her nursery colors.

It was interesting that as I went to begin quilting the baby quilt on my HQ16 I had a design in mind and as my hands began moving suddenly a different quilting design appeared possibly Heaven sent? 
It's as I would like to believe. 
I hope everyone had a great 2015 New Years Eve and now onward to 2016!

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Robbie said...

What a wonderful keepsake!!!! And the baby's quilt...again, so special!!!